Moomin Language School combines individual and group learning into bite-sized learning moments. Children use the learning application individually for 5-15 minutes every day to build up vocabulary and grammar. Once a week, their own teacher organizes a playful lesson where children get to use the language in interaction with the teacher and each other. Through consistent participation, children build a strong foundation for the new language that will last a lifetime.

At the moment we offer two languages: English and Finnish. Our plans of world conquer include widening our language selection, so subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll keep you informed!

Licenses are bought by an educational institution, such as a school, a kindergarten, a nursery, a training center or an after-school club.

Currently no; the application is available for iOS and Android tablets.

The ideal age to start Moomin Language School is 4-6, but some of our users have started when they were only 3. Younger children may need an adult’s help in the beginning until their fine motor skills catch up. We also recommend a shorter time limit for younger children. Older children will benefit from the service, too, but they may find the beginning a little slow if they already have some skills in the foreign language. The service works best with children who have no prior knowledge of the foreign language, but it has also been used with more advanced children.

At the moment, all children start on the same level – the beginning. This helps children become familiar with the story and the family whose life the application follows. There is a possibility for children with prior knowledge of the new language to progress faster in the application, but this needs to be decided with the educational institution on a case-by-case basis. We are working on bringing level tests and a placement test into the service in the future.

Yes, it is. The entire service is completely accessible with no reading skills or letter recognition skills required. In fact, it’s better to learn language by listening and speaking first and proceed to reading later.

This is based on the researched concept of spaced learning. According to spaced learning theories, learning is a lot more effective when done in small but frequent chunks as opposed to long periods less frequently. That’s why the times used with the application are short but take place every day. Additionally, the children using our service are very young and their attention spans are short. We want to give them only as much information as they can absorb at a time. All children are different, but a good rule of thumb for how long a child can concentrate is the child’s age plus 1. So a three-year-old can generally concentrate fully for four minutes at a time.

Every weekday one unique study unit is unlocked in the application. The children cannot proceed faster than that. The application also has a password protected time limit that can be set to 5, 10, or 15 minutes depending on the children’s varying needs.

We’d be more than happy to help! Send us a message at support@moominls.fi, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.