Learning Path (Eng)


With almost two hundred themes and a thousand exercises, Moomin Language School has a huge amount of learning content and can seem a little overwhelming at first. We like to think of it as a big learning forest that is divided into smaller parts.

The trees in our forest are CHAPTERS. Chapters are bigger bodies of content that can take a month or more to complete. Each chapter ends with a CHAPTER TEST, in which the students get a review of all the things they have learned during that chapter. It’s also a great tool for the teacher to see if they have really internalized the knowledge and are ready to move forward.

Each chapter is divided into four or five WEEKS, the branches in our tree. Each week is an individual whole with its own theme and structure. As the name implies, each should take one week to complete if the student uses the application every day for 5-15 minutes.

All the five days in one week contain approximately 5-15 little learning TASKS surrounding the same theme. The structure varies from week to week; there can be vocabulary games, little stories, sentence building exer- cises etc. There are over ten different types of exercises that vary from day to day and week to week.

The EXTRAS are the same every week. There is LANGUAGE LAB for practic- ing pronunciation, WRITING PRACTICE for letter tracing, GAME for more creative learning and RHYME for songs and rhymes.